Saturday, December 18, 2010

iTwin USB File Sharing Device Now in the United States

iTwinEarlier today iTwin announced limited availability of a first generation plug'n'play device that enables data transfer between any two computers that are connected to the internet. The device is made up of two identical parts that resemble your average everyday USB drive. Each half of the iTwin is plugged into a USB port on both computers that are to share data. This announcement from iTwin marks the first of these devices released in the United States which are being sold in limited quantities for the holiday season.

With the mobility of today's population, many people use multiple devices between work and home. The only problem is that files are kept in silos and are not merged easily. Even if you have a laptop, traveling through something like airport security can be difficult. Even your USB devices can be easily misplaced adding additional problems. The iTwin allows you to keep all of your files in one place while providing access to them from anywhere. The best thing is that your only capacity limit is your computer's hard drive because the iTwin drive does not store any data.

This device is inherently secure and utilizes 256-bit AES encryption. Only the two halves of the iTwin device know the key, and the iTwin generates a new key every time the two halves are paired together. If you lose one half of the iTwin, then you can disable the connection between the devices denying access to anybody who may find the other half. If that isn't enough for you, then you can also password protect your device.

According to iTwin CEO Lux Anantharaman, "Everyone can relate to the problems that we set out to solve when developing the iTwin device. Business people and everyday consumers alike expect to be able to access important information anytime, anywhere. iTwin users can travel without laptop, copy or backup proprietary work documents, files, and folders and remotely access and edit files on one computer from another, ensuring complete control on all files with multiple contributors. It's also the best way to create a family network - share photos from the latest vacation or wedding or exchange documents. iTwin brings peace of mind with its numerous, useful applications."

Only 50 of the special edition MMX iTwins are available for purchase in the United States. They will run you $99 each and can be purchased exclusively from the iTwin online store. General availability is said to follow in January at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Android 3.0 Tablet: Google gives a sneak peek at their next venture.

Photo: Andy Rubin Presenting the Google-Motorola tablet prototype

At the D: Dive Into Mobile Conference, Android lead Andy Rubin gave a sneak peek of their next big project just before presenting Android 3.0 (Google's Smartphone operating software). This project is a tablet computer that Google is teaming up with Motorola to develop. Google's own Motorola tablet will of course run Android software, and according to eye-witnesses at the sneak peek, will have a screen about the same size as the iPad (a 9.7-inch diagonal measurement).

Some features reported about the prototype include typical features one might expect from a tablet computer. For example, the screen shifts its orientation as the user turns the tablet. An intriguing surprise, however, was its no-button design. Despite being an Android based system, the prototype lacked the signature buttons typically found on units running Android used for navigating the software. The reasons cited in the prototype demonstration were that, given the orientation-shift feature, fixed buttons on the hardware obviously cannot shift with the user. Also, Rubin apparently stated that the developers of Android have been giving much more thought to simplifying the software, where common general-use apps are no longer buried in the system and hence difficult to get to; hence making a more user-intuitive system.

In addition to demonstrating the tablet prototype, Rubin's presentation also doubled as a presentation of Android 3.0, available on all tablets and smartphones running Android software in early 2011. Some of the virtues of this new version of the software include the ability to store more apps and widgets onto the screen and a new version of Google Maps, which can navigate in three-dimensions. Android 3.0 will launch first on the table that Google is working directly with Motorola to develop and then later on other tablets and smartphones.

To read more about the Google-Motorola tablet prototype, click here.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Motorola Plans 7" and 10" Tablets and 4G Smartphones for Early Next Year

Co-CEO at Motorola Sanjay Jha unveiled Friday that the company will be adding its name to the long list of companies in the market with tablets early next year. In the very near future, Motorola plans on unleashing new 7-inch and 10-inch tablets. However, the company's main focus in the mobile phone industry will still be smartphones.

As the keynote speaker for the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference, Jha stated that he felt tablets were viable in not only the 7-inch size but also the 10-inch size. Sanjay was pretty vague on the details but given the success of the Droid, Motorola's hottest selling smartphone, it is hard to imagine that these tablets would be running anything other than Android.

According to Jha, "I believe that tablets are a very important growth opportunity for us, but we have to differentiate. Software differentiation is going to be very important."

Jha also went on to discuss that Motorola would field 4G devices early next year as well. However, Jha also mentioned that a new "competitive dynamic", as he called it, would be developing at Verizon which is the primary U.S. carrier for Motorola devices.

The company recently announced that they would be splitting the company into two separate sub-companies. Motorola Mobility is said to be the company that will cover all of Motorola's portable and home products, with Motorola Solutions being responsible for all the enterprise and networks. This split is scheduled for early next year as well, more specifically January. is news of, for and by SMBs! The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

webOS 2.0 To Be Released Soon

Palm's Josh Marinacci confirmed yesterday that HP/Palm intends to get webOS 2.0 on all, that's right all, existing webOS devices. Marinacci stated that all webOS devices would be receiving the highly anticipated webOS 2.0 in "coming months", so customers shouldn't have to wait too much longer. This release date is still pretty vague, but many people are excited to see that none of the current webOS devices are going to be left out. However, different things that seem to affect carriers could hinder webOS 2.0 for some people as support for webOS from a lot of carriers is at an all time low.

If you are looking to or are interested in creating apps with features from webOS 2.0, then you will be pleased to hear that you can get into the Early Access Program. You will want to do this because the webOS 2.0 SDK is currently under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means it is not available to the public, which is strange considering the fact that webOS 2.0 devices, such as the Palm Pre 2, are currently being shipped.

However, when HP starts sending out OTA updates to existing phones, we should see the SDK leave its beta stage, becoming available to the general public. But, until that happens it seems we will have to wait and see what interesting and cool apps developers are going to make. Until the SDK is out of beta we will not be able to know what Synergy, Just Type and Exhibition-compatible apps are coming out.

Many people are very excited and are giving a lot of praise to both HP and Pre for committing to a solid, non-fragmented platform that spans across all of their devices which includes the Sprint Pixi and the crazy unlocked Palm Pre 2 by bringing the webOS 2.0 which, like I said above, should be arriving "in the coming months."
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Crux 360 Case Turns Your iPad into a Netbook

Crux 360 CaseSo you finally broke down and dropped that pretty penny on a brand new iPad. You think it is just incredible. It has tons of features; it can do nearly anything you want it to. But what, you may ask, could make this whole thing an even sweeter deal? How about the ability to add a keyboard to your iPad thus transforming it into a full-blown netbook? Sound too good to be true? Think again, my friends.

Introducing the Crux 360 Case, a new device that can turn your simple iPad into a netbook. Now this device isn't anything new. In fact, this is the third such device to come to the market in the past two months, and chances are it will most certainly not be the last. However, the Crux 360 Case has something over its competitors in the fact that it is the best looking one out right now.

This device turns your iPad, for all intents and purposes, into a full fledged notebook, minus the obvious operating system. One of the coolest features this case has to offer is that if you get tired of using it as a netbook, then you can easily switch it back to its iPad form with the case serving as a kickstand.

A bluetooth keyboard is built directly into the lid of the device, and the device itself acts as a fully functional keyboard, stand and protective case all in one. The case only weighs 1.8 pounds and is specifically designed not to tip over. The Crux 360 Case also opens easily to any desired viewing angle consistently every time.

For those interested in a device like this, the Crux 360 Case definitely seems to be the way to go. It has many unique features and is definitely the best looking one out right now. Preorders for the Crux 360 Case are available now, and the device will cost you $149.99 when you order.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Corporate Event Equipment Rentals

Corporate EventsTech-Army installers are professionals in the fields of computers, sound boards, kiosks, staging, audio video, plasma displays and so much more. They are also professionals in setup, especially with corporate events. Using a tech-army installer for your corporate event setup and installation could be one of the best decisions you could make involving your event.

Tech-Army members are also experts in planning and launching new corporate training programs, hosting conferences or corporate meetings or even helping you lead a short or long term special project. Whatever your need is, a Tech-Army member is here to help you with every corporate technology need you may have.

In order to have the very best corporate event possible, there are five simple steps you should follow. If you follow these steps, then you can ensure success for your next corporate event.

1. Evaluate your technological needs and wants based on company goals and budgets.

2. Plan hardware and personnel deployments.

3. Communicate the technology solution with your staff and vendors.

4. Schedule inside and outside staff, including AV/Computer Technicians and Engineers for hardware installation, ongoing service during the duration of the corporate project and hardware removal after the event.

5. Review Corporate Event Successes and Failures.

Follow these simple instructions and your corporate event will go off without a hitch. And remember to use a Tech-Army member for any and all of your corporate event needs.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

PC Network Service and Maintenance from the Tech-Army

Tech-ArmyWhen it comes to computers, many of us know the basics of how they work and a few basic steps on how to fix certain minute problems. But when it comes to significant network services and maintenance issues, many of us are just plain lost. Thankfully, there are services like the Tech-Army.

Today's businesses are often in dire need of network service, and they need it fast. A lot of companies with multiple computing locations are turning to the Tech-Army for all of their network services as well as their computer maintenance.

Individuals and companies turn to the Tech-Army every day for a multitude of different computer maintenance and network service requests that they simply cannot do either because they don't have the ability or they don't have the time. Those are two very critical things to have when dealing with large scale computer service.

The Tech-Army receives many service calls every day. Here are the three top network server technical help requests the Tech-Army receives each day.

Computer Engineer to Help with Your Existing Network
If you already have a computer network but are now experiencing technical difficulties that your current vendor is unable to handle, then a Computer Engineer from the Tech-Army is a perfect solution. Tech-Army can even do a remote checkup capable of finding and preventing problems with network services before they occur

Computer Engineer to Recommend and Install a New Computer Network
The Computer Engineers for the Tech-Army know a lot about the business and can recommend the perfect computer network for you. There are many services that go along with this, including Dell Small Business Server Install, HP Small Business Server Install, Network Problem Troubleshooting, Run Cable from Road Runner Connection to two Computers, Connect a Cisco Router to a Network, and Connect Netgear or Linksys Router to a Network and Wireless Networking Help.

Computer Network Rentals
The Tech-Army has a wide range of network devices that are available through the online Tech-Army E-Store. There is a whole slew of things that you can rent from the Tech-Army including things like Small Business Tower Servers, Medium Business Tower Servers, Dual Processor Tower Servers, Quad Processor Tower Servers, Single Processor Rack Mount Servers, Dual Processor Rack Mount Servers, Quad Processor Rack Mount Servers, Blade Servers and so much more!

The Tech-Army is your premiere network service and maintenance center. You can get everything you need with a single point of contact, making your process easy and pain-free. So, for your next PC Network Service and Maintenance visit the Tech-Army.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tech Travel Agents Employing Many Tech Army Members

A Tech Travel Agent© is a personal technology procurement agent, who works with hundreds of Tech Army Members nationwide and worldwide.

Wherever people travel, a Tech Travel Agent can assure that the technology you need will be installed and operating as planned with only 1 point of contact.

Delivery and Installation
A Tech Travel Agent© coordinates all delivery and installation personnel. Tech Travel Agents take care of the logistics of any temporary or permanent technology installation.

"With service to over 1000 cities worldwide and over 10,000 technicians at their disposal, people only need one Tech Travel Agent© for any technology requirement anywhere for any length of time."

Service During the Project
After ensuring an on-time delivery and setup, the job's not done. Your Tech Travel Agent© will be your single point of contact for any service need you need during the project. If there is an equipment failure or malfunction, your Tech Travel Agent will be your single point of contact to quickly manage a solution.

Tech Travel Agents are providing new work for Tech Army Members everyday. If you haven't joined the Tech Army, consider signing up today!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Not Supporting Tethering

Windows Phone 7There has been a lot of talk recently about the Windows Phone 7, but after much talk and debate, it turns out that the Windows Phone 7 will not act as a hot spot after all.

In a recent statement from a Microsoft Official it was suggested that it would be up to individual cell phone carriers whether or not to allow "tethering". However, Microsoft confirmed to CNET Friday that the Windows Phone 7 does not support the feature whatsoever. Microsoft also declined to mention if future versions of the phone will allow tethering or not.

This appears to be yet another technical setback in Microsoft's attempted re-entry into the mobile phone market. This can now be added to a list of features currently available on other devices including full multitasking and copy/paste functionality. Another setback for Microsoft is that the phones will not be available until next year for CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon.

Having fewer carriers is definitely a drawback, but it still remains to be seen just how large of an impact this will be compared to some of the other technical features that are missing. Tethering your phone to allow computers internet access is a powerful, albeit niche, use for a phone. Palm and Android have tethering support.Even the iPhone supported tethering for a while though AT&T only recently added the option for U.S. carriers.

As for some other limitations of the Windows Phone 7, it only allows for limited multitasking like playing music and running an application or using the calendar while talking on the phone. However, the operating system does not allow the full multitasking found on some other smartphone platforms.

If you are looking for one of the most technically advanced smartphones, then the Windows Phone 7 will undoubtedly give you pause. On the other hand, the early smartphone adopter isn't the exact target audience for Microsoft and their Windows Phone 7. Instead, the company seems to be aiming for the masses and could possibly have already hit their mark.

Even though the Windows Phone 7 lacks the mentioned features, reports have noted that the device performs elegantly and reliably. Most of us won't have to wait too much longer in order to make our own assumptions about the Windows Phone 7 as development of the project was wrapped up by Microsoft at the beginning of this month. There are even plans of trotting out the device on October 11, 2010 at an event in New York. Devices are set to go on sale, in Europe at least, later in October with U.S. availability hopefully in early November.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple Eliminating Free iPhone 4 Case

Apple iPhone 4 Free CaseIf you are one of those people out there who happens to own an iPhone 4 and you haven't already received your free case, then what in the world is wrong with you!? It's free! And the offer is ending soon! In less than three weeks Apple will cancel their offer. Why are they doing this you may ask? Well, the answer to that is simple. The antenna signal loss issue related to the iPhone 4's design apparently isn't as big as a problem as Apple originally thought.

According to an update on Apple's Web site today, "We now know that the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought. A small percentage of iPhone 4 users need a case, and we want to continue providing them a bumper case for free. For everyone else we are discontinuing the free case program on all iPhone 4s sold after September 30, 2010. We are also returning to our normal returns policy for all iPhone 4s sold after September 30. Users experiencing antenna issues should call AppleCare to request a free bumper case."

To simplify, Apple will give free cases to iPhone 4 users on a case-by-case basis. Those users who experience signal degradation using an iPhone 4 can still acquire a free case after September 30 through customer service. The only difference is that there will no longer be an across-the-board offer for a new case nor a refund for purchasing a case.

Apple is also reverting to their standard 30-day return policy. In July Apple stated that in response to the problems with the iPhone 4's antenna, the company would extend its return policy and waive its normal restocking fee.

Apple said when it first started the offer that they would "reevaluate" the offer after September 30. Apple announced the free case offer in July, a mere month after the iPhone 4 debuted. Apple also admitted that the new design of the external antenna did cause an increase in dropped calls over the previous iPhones.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Call the Tech Army for Computer Service Now!

We've all been there. Your audio/visual equipment stops working. You realize you don't understand how to install those new security cameras you purchased. Something terrible happens to your computer and you get so frustrated you feel like beating it with a hammer! STOP! Don't panic! There are thousands of Tech Army Troops all over the United States who are standing by waiting to help you with problems just like these.
STOP! Call the Tech Army for Computer Service Now!

- Conrad Dotson of Spartanburg, South Carolina runs a real estate agency. Last year a nasty storm ripped through the area and Dotson's office was flooded. He lost thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment and tons of important information. Within a week not only was Dotson doing business out of a temporary office with temporary technology, but he had set up a disaster recovery plan in case he ever faced another situation like the flood.

- Juliana Justice is an acting coach in Los Angeles, California. She's seen many of her students become big stars, and last month she decided to build a new studio for her classes. While she's always understood the creative side of the film and theater industries, she's never been that great with the technical side. Even so, when it came time to install the lighting equipment she'd purchased, she didn't panic. With a week to spare before her grand opening Justice had her audio/visual equipment installed, giving her studio a professional look.

- Savannah Davenport worked her way through the ranks at a fairly large bank located in New Haven, Connecticut. When she became a regional manager, one of her duties included overseeing the needs of several of the branches in her region. When one branch's entire computer network went down, Davenport simply pulled out her cell phone, got in touch with a network engineer, and the network was up and running again within three hours.

What do Davenport, Justice, and Dotson all have in common? They are loyal Tech Army customers. They know that no matter how big or small their computer and technology problems, a member of the Tech Army is ready and waiting to help them solve it and will do so in a timely manner. Because the Tech Army has troops in every state, in both major cities and small towns, there are so many more stories like these from people all over the United States.

What's your Tech Army story?

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Hundreds of Reasons Not To Mess with Texas!

Hundreds of Reasons Not To Mess with TexasDid you know there are currently hundreds of members of the Tech Army, ready and waiting to serve you in Texas? The Lone Star State is the second-largest state in the United States. It also has the second-largest population in the country, as well as some of the largest cities. As you can imagine, it also has a large economy; from agriculture to energy, there is always business being conducted across the state. With this in mind, you can bet there's a huge need for audio/visual rentals, computer service, and computer rentals in Texas.

That's why the Tech Army always has hundreds of men and women, standing on the front lines, ready to help you combat your technology rental and computer service needs. What is a Tech Army troop? He's an installer, engineer, or technician who is located in Texas and can help you meet your temporary technology needs.

There are dozens of Tech Army troops in big cities such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio as well as in the small- and medium-sized cities in between. They help small businesses and large companies, and they can deliver to any of the many convention centers in Texas, from the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston to the Waco Convention Center in Waco. They can help set up temporary offices or they can provide you with office equipment rentals for your new business. They can fix your computer network problems or they can deliver plasma TV rentals to your trade show booth.

There is nothing these Texas Tech Army troops can't do! No job is too big or too small. Because there are so many troops in our Tech Army, we are never too booked up to take care of your needs.

If you're in Texas or anywhere in the United States and in need of help from the Tech Army, give us a toll-free call today at 1-877-422-1907.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

360 Tech Army Troops in California...and Counting!

360 Tech Army Troops in CaliforniaDid you know that right now there are currently 360 Tech Army troops in the state of California, and that number continues to grow?

A Tech Army troop is an installer, engineer, or technician who is ready and waiting on the front lines to help you with your technology needs. From Los Angeles to Lancaster, from San Marcos to San Francisco, Tech Army troops cover the entire state.

Say you're exhibiting at a trade show at the San Diego Convention Center and need to rent four plasma TVs for four days. There are at least 24 Tech Army troops who can help you with that.

Maybe you're setting up a temporary office in Anaheim, you need copiers and printers for a month, and you don't want to purchase them. There are at least 17 Tech Army troops who can supply you with a copier rental.

Holding a training class at your branch in Glendale? There are over 76 Tech Army troops in California who can supply you with temporary computer rentals, laptop rentals, and even iPad rentals.

Suppose you're traveling to Santa Ana from Chicago for a corporate meeting and you don't want to lug a projector and other technology you may need for that big presentation around the airport. There are dozens of Tech Army troops in California who can have that projector or any technology ready and waiting for your arrival.

No matter what your technology needs, we can take care of it at the Tech Army. When you call another computer rental or service firm in California, they may be booked up. At the Tech Army, we have so many reinforcements that we will never have to tell you "no."

Go ahead, give the Tech Army a toll-free call today at 1-877-422-1907 and let us know how we can help you combat your technology problems.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Featured Member: TBA Communications, Inc.

Featured Member: TBA Communications, Inc.

Please help us welcome "Tampa's Leading Two Way Radio and Wireless Communications Provider," TBA Communications, to the Tech Army! TBA Communications has been in business since 1991 and their mission is "to provide quality communication solutions that will enhance productivity, safety and value for our customers. To exceed expectations with excellent customer service and to ensure all customers and employees are treated with respect."

Located at 6302 Benjamin Rd., Suite #408 in Tampa, Florida, TAB Communications is an authorized Motorola and Vertex Standard dealer which means they always have cutting-edge communication technology. In addition to the Tampa/St. Pete area, the company serves Clearwater, New Port Richey, Pinellas Park, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, Hudson, Plant City, Mulberry, Winter Haven, Dade City, Zephyrhills, Holiday, St. Pete Beach, Kenneth City, Land o Lakes, and the surrounding areas.

Carolton C. Cozart founded the company in Florida in 1991. They began as THE Motorola authorized dealer in the entire Tampa Bay area. They began with five employees. In 1995, the company relocated and they were up to ten employees. At that time they opened a radio service center and became an Authorized Dealer Product Service Center. The next year, they became an Authorized Nextel Representative and a Nextel Authorized Service Center. By 1998, the company had to expand its location and number of employees. Today they have 15 employees and anticipate much growth in the future.

If you're in the Tampa, Florida area and are in need of Two-Way Radios, Call Boxes, Dispatch Consoles, In Building Solutions, Mobile Radios, Pagers, Portable Radios, Public Safety Radios, Repeaters, GPS Solutions, Mobile Computing, Satellite Phones, SCADA, Wireless Broadband, Parts & Accessories, Service, or Rentals, you can contact TBA Communications directly by calling 813-249-1605 or through the Tech Army by calling toll free 877-422-1907 today.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Featured Member: Techs 2 Go

Featured Member: Techs 2 GoIf you're in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area and you're having a problem with your computer, Techs 2 Go is ready and waiting to diagnose and fix whatever is wrong! As they point out on their website, technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives and the "demand for technical services is evident." This is what inspired Techs 2 Go to desire to remove the "hassles and complications that come with a technical environment."

Techs 2 Go believes that while technology has provided individual people and small businesses alike with opportunities they wouldn't have previously had, it can also cause them a lot of problems. The technicians at Techs 2 Go can help prevent some of those headaches by showing you how to setup and maintain your technology professionally. Their goal is to provide "first class service with talented technical professionals" who will "meet your needs and fit your budget." As one customer puts it,

"For those of you who think you might need help with your computer or run into a situation that is over your head (as I did), I can really recommend Techs2Go. I worked to fix an issue with a computer for a couple of days and finally gave up and called them. Within the day a member of their team had the system up and running as good as new. I will not hesitate to call them back if I dig myself another hole. Thanks Techs2Go!"
Located in Richfield, Techs 2 Go offers both on-site and drop-off computer service to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area, as well as western Wisconsin. They also work with both residential and commercial clients. Residential services include virus removal, windows repair, laptop screen replacement, hardware installation, mobile device configuration, system restore and recover and so much more. Commercial services may include a free one-hour IT consultation, managed IT services, data security, hardware repair, network administration, cabling and network set up, and more. They also provide a number of recover and back-up services.

To contact Techs 2 Go directly, call 612-706-9881, or call the Tech-Army toll free at 877-422-1907 to have Techs 2 Go help with your computer service needs!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Worlds Largest UHD 3D Display

Worlds Largest 3D Monitor from LGThe next "world's largest" 3D panel contender has been released from LG and is sporting 84-inches of Ultra High Definition 3D goodness. You may notice that the monitor is a little blurry in the image, but that's because the display requires those special polarized glasses to achieve the affect. The monitor was first seen at the Society for Information Display 2010 (SID) conference in Seattle, Washing, and offers a dazzling 3,840 x 2,160 resolution which is four times the size of a typical HD TV which is only 1920x1080.

Unfortunately, no other details were given about this massive monitor but we were lucky enough to see some of their other showcasings at the event. One of the most impressive items on display at the LG booth was the 240Hz 47-inch 3D LCD TV with 3ms MPRT (motion picture response time). This particular model received the Display of the Year title and the Gold Award by the SID judges, pointing out that it's the first commercially available TFT-LCD in the 40-inch range. In addition to the 3D technology, which supposedly reduces crosstalk to less than 1-percent, the display uses in-plane switching and LG's proprietary technology provide a clearer and brighter image.

Also seen at the SID from LG was a 10.1-inch curved LCD with slim glass which is the world’s thinnest TV panel measuring just 2.6mm in thickness; a 15.6-inch notebook LCD that offers low power consumption levels; a 9.7-inch color e-paper display scheduled to begin production within the year; and a 19-inch flexible e-paper.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why You Should Choose the Tech Army for Your Computer Rentals

Tech Travel Agents and the Tech ArmyWith so many companies and businesses offering "quality" computer rentals, how exactly should you choose where to get your computer rental equipment from? Consider this.

The Tech Army and subsequent Tech Travel Agents have been in the computer rental industry for more than 20 years serving the good people of Canada, Europe, and the United States with integrity and a commitment to upstanding service.

Only the best computer service technicians are recruited, and with dozens of technicians in every state, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible service from a local technician in your area. The Tech Army only gets the latest technology rental equipment from, a respected and experienced technology rental firm.

This means that you won't have to worry about hiring a subpar contractor who is going to charge you ridiculous travel fee's while simultaneously using underrated and outdated equipment ever again should you choose the Tech Army for your computer rental needs.

If you are interested in utilizing the Tech Army for your computer service or technology rental needs, contact your friendly Tech Travel Agent today to get a quick and easy computer rental quote request. Or call now at 800-736-8772 to speak to a Tech Travel Agent right away.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Modern Computer Rentals - World at War

War against Bad Service and TechniciansIn a world riddled with economic hardships, natural disasters, and deceit, there are those who would take advantage of the turmoil and seek to part you from your hard earned cash while leaving you with a horribly unimaginable service experience. These purveyors of false information and bad service are taking hostage the very ideas of competitive pricing and placing the customer first. Despite the best efforts of honest technicians and salesmen across the globe, these aggressors have ultimately seized control of the market and even today continue to oppress the consumer. With an unclear future ahead of us what option left do we have than to take up arms and fight a necessary evil?

Enter the dangerous world of the Tech Army and the special Tech Travel Agents who are the vanguard of combating bad technology rental pricing and bad corporate service. These men and women are dedicated to bringing high quality, friendly, low cost Computer Related Services to the general public and view it as their obligation to do so. Tech Travel Agents specialize in coordinating Computer Rentals and Audio Visual Installations for Corporate Events and are sure to work every step of the way with their customers. The Tech Army enlists an array of shock troops ranging from CCTV Security Camera experts, audio visual rental technicians, and Disaster Recovery Solutions consultants and are the first technicians on the ground during on-site service engagements.

Combat Bad Corporate Service with the Tech Army
It seems these days that convention centers and their respected AV and Computer Rental counterparts are only interested in charging the consumer as much as they can get away with. These convention centers make secret dealings with technology service companies and mark up the prices so they can take a bigger portion of the profits. This kind of cycle is self perpetuating as the service companies need the business, and in return agree to be a chosen technology rental provider regardless of up-front fees, prices and damages to the consumer. And why not?

These private dealings have the effect of staving off competition which keeps prices artificially higher, maybe 200-300% higher than convention centers who are open to the Best Technology Service Providers rather than a select chosen few. You the consumer end up with sub-par equipment which you have overpaid to have, yet at the same time you are none-the-wiser and never even suspect the convention center for being at fault for the ridiculous pricing.

Truth be told, 'unofficial' technology rental companies are nothing short of nuisances for convention centers that engage in these practices. In their eyes, service companies that are part of the Tech Army undercut their prices and steal their business. While we engage in no such practices, this is easily explained by the fact that we are an industrious techie group with expert knowledge in nearly every technical field you can imagine. We have many creative ways to get technology rental property to consumers at fair market prices no matter where the venue.

If you or your company operates in the computer industry, the CCTV or IP security camera industry, av/computer rental industry, homebuilders industry, or you are an independent contractor, tradesman or other technology expert, and are committed to the fight for fantastic service with low prices, we need people like you. Enlist in the Tech Army today and be one of the proud few to serve the industry with expert knowledge and integrity.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

webOS loaded onto a PC

It's always been known that webOS could be loaded onto a PC using the emulator built into Palm's SDK (Software Development Kit), but who knew that the webOS image could actually be installed onto an IDE hard drive and that it would also boot.

Well, that's exactly what some techie did with his Dell C600 laptop and its actually pretty neat.

While the OS runs in a pretty awkward aspect ratio and taking into account the lack of a touchscreen, its not hard to envision an upgraded version of webOS running on all kinds HP hardware. I'm personally looking forward to the day when webOS reaches Tablet PCs.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Featured Member: Computer Connection

Featured Member: Computer Connection

Computer Connection is located in Piedmont, South Carolina and offers a wide variety of repair and IT services. They serve residential and business customers alike, claiming there is no job too big or too small. Customer service and staying up-to-date with the latest technology is important at Computer Connection. As they say on their website, "We take the time to listen to your problem. We take the time to learn new technologies. We are your solution to navigating the world of computers."

If you're looking for a solution to your residential IT problems, Computer Connection offers a free diagnosis. In addition, they offer both in-store and on-site services, remote computer support, monthly optimization plans, managed IT solutions, contract maintenance, and new computer builds. From web design to complete IT solutions, they also offer a wide range of business services.

Rick Cain started the company five years ago at the ripe old age of 20. He has been fixing computers since he was 15 and even made some money doing so in high school, when his teachers were in need of a quick repair. He even set up a small office space on his front porch. But he knew he needed more access and that's how Computer Connection was born. He opened the doors to the company on June 17, 2005.

Rick spends countless hours on his work and has the philosophy that "every customer is important and needs to have a working computer." Rick continued to grow his company in the years following its opening and has since found the need to hire a number of employees. Today, the company is going strong and Rick and his employees continue to build on the "principles of making quality products and providing reliable service." They've established a place in the IT and computer repair industry and strive to make an impact on the lives of their clients. They offer a diverse group of products, follow trends, and make improvements whenever necessary. But most of all, they listen to their customers' needs.

To contact Computer Connection directly, call 864-335-9360, or call the Tech-Army toll free at 877-422-1907 to have Computer Connection help with your next project!

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Featured Tech Army Member: Sprinter Technology Services

Sprinter Technology Services, also known as SprinTech (Formerly Lightning Mods Custom Computers), is a small company located in Plover, Wisconsin which specializes in statewide sales, services, and installations with offices in the heart of central Wisconsin. They are also equally skilled in laser printer repair, server networking, POS, cabling, CCTV, Digital Signage, and of course laptop/desktop services.

Most recently SprinTech has formed a partnership with the "Rockin' 4 Relief" music festival as the on-site specialists which will take place June 11th and 12th at the Marathon Park stage. 100% of all proceeds from this event will be sent to the American Red Cross to help the earthquake victims in Haiti in which over 3 million people were affected. If you're looking for a technician with a great heart that also offers great technical support in northern Michigan, look no further.

"We are a full service technology sales and installation company which carries a large variety of certifications (Samsung, Dell, HP etc..), but we are a firm believer in experience talking instead of certifications. Although we are able to take and pass most any cert if needed."-Chris

AdAware, Virus and Spyware Services
Audio Visual Equipment Installer
Data Solutions - Backup, Recovery and Restoration, Storage
Delivery and Installation Services
Disaster Recovery
DVR/ CCTV - Geovision Products and Solutions
Help Desk Services
IP Camera Supplier
Microsoft Exchange Server Support
Networking: Security and Intrusion Detection
PC Builder
Remote Computer Support
Rentals - Computer and Audio Visual
Rentals - Digital Signage & Kiosks
Repairs - On-Site Computer (Break-Fix)
Retail Store Front
Staging - Audio Video / PA / Lighting
Used Computer Sales
Web - Design, Flash, Hosting, and Video
and more!

For a full list of services offered by SprinTech and Chris, check out the Tech Army Organization Welcome Chris and Sprinter Technology Post

Friday, April 23, 2010

What is an SEO Hybrid?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a specialty that has become intricately woven into many other disciplines such as website design and architecture, website usability, website hits and conversion analysis, copywriting, and more. Many SEO professionals work very hard to understand other disciplines to create the best overall search experience. Yet these SEO technicians are often met with resistance, especially when working with other web specialists. Writers don’t want to change their clever headlines (even if they lack crucial keywords), designers take offense when you tell them their graphic was used inappropriately, and even conversion specialists become dumbfounded when our work doesn't show immediate results.

Even though we are in the middle of Search 3.0, there are people who still believe that search engine optimization professionals only have a single skill set. Others believe that the optimization process is simply putting keywords in meta tags while other unfortunate people believe that SEO and web design have nothing to do with each other. Put simply, a successful SEO hybrid will be a web professional who is equally skilled in SEO and one or more additional areas of expertise. For example, many search-savvy web developers will learn and understand how search engines access content on their website, and they will optimize their website to be easy as possible for search engines and searchers alike to access their content.

Are you an SEO Hybrid?

SEO hybrids come in many different shapes and forms. You might meet an SEO professional who advertises a search engine friendly website design. This particular SEO hybrid might be an information architect, a web developer, and a designer all in one. There are also SEO experts who specializes in news and blog search. These SEO hybrids might specialize in keyword research, writing search engine friendly articles for news and press releases, and even link development via blogs, social networks, and other media. Other SEO Hybrids only focus on the mobile aspect of search engines by paying attention to searcher behavior and usability. In fact, a SEO hybrid might not even have the abbreviation “SEO” in their titles.

Since SEO can be considered part art and part science, you will often find that many SEO hybrids have creative skills (writing, design, etc.) as well as analytical skills (coding, programming, scripting, etc). These skills are not mutually exclusive and having one SEO skill does not detract from other SEO skills. One of the greatest benefits of working with a SEO hybrid is that they can see the interrelationships between search behavior and website implementation that a non-hybrid SEO might not see.

Nevertheless, there is still a common misconception that an SEO professional is incapable of performing multiple jobs. Talented SEO hybrids can and do exist and, in my experience, I have not met an SEO professional who only specializes in search engine optimization.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Biz Stone on New Features on Twitter

Hi there,

Last month I restarted this monthly Twitter email update. If you've been around for a while, then you might remember getting my emails. If you signed up and requested this update more recently, welcome! A lot happens every month at Twitter so we want to keep you in the know. As always, you're invited to visit -- to come see what's new.
New Front Page
We've discovered over the years that Twitter is a work in progress. At first, the idea of tweeting only appealed to a few but then it caught on in a big way. Now Twitter is an incredibly rich and expanding information network. Our design team has changed the front page to reflect this metamorphosis and will continue to adjust accordingly.
Official Twitter Conference
We're hosting our first official Twitter developer conference this month. It's called Chirp. The event will take place in San Francisco over two days. The first day is April 14th at the Palace of Fine Arts. On April 15th, we'll be gathering at Fort Mason right along the bay. We're looking forward to meeting in person. For info, tickets, or to watch online, visit the Chirp web site.
Fighting Spam
Our Chief Scientist Abdur recently published a short piece titled, "State of Twitter Spam." In it, he explained how the definition of spam is different when compared to the common email variety. Spam is inevitable on a popular system but we fight it aggressively. Less than 1% of tweets per day are spam and we work diligently to reduce that percentage.
Location, Location, Location
We added a new feature to the Twitter web site that allows you to attach location data to individual tweets. This feature may not appeal to everyone so it requires that you activate it first in your Account Settings. You can choose to share an exact location or a general location such as neighborhood or town. This additional context is potentially very powerful.
Biz Stone, Co-founder (@Biz)
Twitter, Inc.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

NAS vs SAN: What's the Difference? (Video)

FRom CyGem, ltd. 330-668-1660

SANS & NAS 101

This CyGem Video explains the difference between a SAN (Storage Area Networking) and NAS (Network Attached Storage). The differences between the two architectures are explained and when it is appropriate to use one technology versus the other.

The cost of storage has come down alot in the last few years. so both options are viable for various businesses.

NAS Network Attached Storage is a file level computer storage device. Software is designed specifically to serve files to users. Essentially a NAS is a File Server.

SAN Storage Area Network describes architecture to attach remote storage devices and make them appear as though they are locally attached.

Watch this short video for more specific information regarding SANs and NAS storage networks.

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A Free Version of Microsoft Office?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tech Army Office Equipment Rentals

Office Equipment RentalsWith access to one of the nation's largest inventories of office products, the Tech Army provides a comprehensive set of Office Equipment Rental services including Office Computer Rentals, Office Copier Rentals, Office Fax Machine Rentals, Office Printer Rentals, Office File Server Rentals, Office Laptop Rentals, Office Monitor Rentals, Office Projector Rentals and more!

Offering a full selection of equipment rentals for temporary offices, emergency office needs, and short term projects, consider the Tech Army as your one-stop shop for all of your Office Equipment Rental needs. Whether you are recovering from an office disaster, or are preparing for a seasonal business, the Tech Army can provide a complete turnkey solution while saving you money. Office equipment rentals are one of the most effective ways to getting your office back on track after a long break or unavoidable disaster. Consider also that the Tech Army's expertise in the field provides you with a full range of disaster recovery services for your business, hardware, and equipment.

With over 20 years of experience in the office equipment rental industry, you can count on your Tech Travel Agent and their Tech Army staff to give you fast and knowledgeable service so you can get the right Office Equipment Rentals exactly when you need it, and how you need it. Whatever situation your business is in, if you are in need of short term technology for your office environment, rely on the Tech Army and give us a call today at 800-736-8772.

In the UK? Read: Hire a Computer the UK Way

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tech Army Convention and Event Production Services

Tech Travel Agent Services Whether you belong to a trade, professional organization, or business, chances are that sooner or later you will be invited to attend a corporate event, trade show, or even a convention. Sounds fantastic - An opportunity to network with peers in the industry, learn more about your business or trade, and maybe even gain a foothold into a new market. But what happens when it's you who is asked to exhibit and showcase at one of these events instead of simply just attending? Where do you even begin?

One of the simplest and often most cost effective means of planning for your next event is through contacting a Tech Travel Agent. With support from the Tech Army and over 20 years of experience handling Event Production Services you can rest assured that your Tech Travel Agent will be the perfect solution.

In the corporate world, streamlining all of your customers needs while saving them money just makes sense. Consider the fact that your Tech Travel Agent has access to one of the largest supplies of event rental equipment in the nation and also provides delivery anywhere in the United States, Canada, and even the United Kingdom. Need more than just pickup and delivery? Their highly trained technicians from the Tech Army can perform on-site service and installation to ensure your event continues to runs smoothly. In addition, a Tech Travel Agents' personalized planning and attention to detail will ensure you're getting just the right equipment you need so you're not spending more than you need.

Utilizing a Tech Travel Agent and their event production services for your next corporate event is an easy way to take some of the stress out of your job. They will keep you updated every step of the way so you don't miss a beat. The next time you're asked to host a corporate event don't freak out. Sit back, relax, and give your friendly Tech Travel Agent a call.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big Message in Monitor Rentals

Big Message in Monitor Rentals

There are so many great reasons to rent an LCD or Plasma Display Flat Screen monitor!
Trade Shows
The goal of anyone exhibiting at a trade show is to attract visitors and it's usually the booth with the most glitz that is the most appealing. A 42-60" LCD or Plasma Monitor is just what you need to help make your booth stand out against the rest! Imagine the attention you will receive when you're doing product demonstrations on a huge screen at eye level.
You can ship your own LCD or Plasma monitor to the event or you can eliminate the risk and hassle by renting one. By renting, you'll have access to the latest models, the advantage of having it delivered and set-up at your booth, and eliminate the high cost of purchasing.
Traveling Sales Meetings
If you travel for business, chances are you've found yourself giving a presentation from your laptop. Even in a boardroom with a small audience, a fifteen inch screen probably didn't make the impression you wanted. Traveling with a large monitor is cumbersome and the last thing you want to do is ask your client for hardware, giving you the appearance of being unprepared. In this situation, renting an LCD monitor would be ideal. The monitor would be delivered right to your meeting and picked up when you're finished, leaving you more time to concentrate on making a good impression with your client.
When training a small group, again, a small laptop screen isn't exactly the most convenient display and using a Projector for a small group could be overkill. But a quality 23" or 30" LCD monitor would be just the right size for your group of trainees.
If you own or manage a small or home-based business, chances are, you don't have a huge budget for technology. When the need arises to make a presentation to a client or any other audience, running out to buy a new $1,000 monitor probably isn't an option. A rental is an affordable way to utilize the latest technology to help you appear professional and well-prepared. Don't forget, the same cost saving option exists with a projector rental as well.
Temporary Need
Renting technology offers your business a number of benefits. Rentals help make it possible for you to utilize the latest in technology without spending a ton of money on equipment. When you have the latest technology on hand, your business appears professional and successful. Also, by renting, you save yourself time and trouble because the rental firm will handle deliver, setup and take-down the equipment as part of your service.
The next time you need to make a presentation, exhibit at a trade show, lead a seminar or train employees, consider a monitor rental to ensure your message is heard loud and clear!

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A Dual Touchscreen Netbook from DNB

dual touchscreen netbookIn the international section at the CES, you could view the DNB “Dual Net-book.” This netbook features two screens. One screen obviously serves as your normal laptop viewing screen, but the second screen doubles as a keyboard and an extra screen. Both the top and bottom screens are touchscreens.

The device is expected to ship around the end of the year, and it is expected to be priced around $800.

To read the full story check out our laptop blog.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Toshiba Reveals Details About Their 3D HDTV

Toshiba's 3D HDTV On Wednesday morning, Toshiba held a press conference to introduce the Toshiba KIRA2. This LED HDTV has new features like video conferencing, 3D video, media sharing via a home network, and access to sites like Vudu, CinemaNow, Netflix, and Facebook. The thing that makes the KIRA2 have these amazing abilities is the CELL Set-Top Box that utilizes a CELL microprocessor. The CELL Set-Top Box will be sold together with the KIRA2 in a new line from Toshiba called the CELL TV Series.

To read more details about the Toshiba KIRA2, check out our Monitor Blog for Display Technology.

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Free Mobile TV Will Be Available Soon

free mobile tv Finally, free mobile TV will be available for laptops, iPhones, and Droids. The head of the Open Mobile Video Coalition said that this should all be ready sometime in 2010. As of now, there are no free mobile TV options. Certain wireless carriers have subscription-based packages, and companies like MediaFlo USA have a cable-like system where customers can purchase about a dozen channels for $10-15 a month, but that’s it. TV stations will now start by broadcasting there regular programs at the same times that they could be viewed on TV. DTV is on its way, and I think that it is most definitely going to be a hit.

To read the full story about how exactly DTV will work check out our Mobile Connectivity Blog.

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Welcome Ron and CCNT, INC!

I see you're in the Utica, Ny area and you've been in business over 20 years offering services like:
AdAware, Virus and Spyware Services
Data Solutions - Storage
Networking: Firewalls
Networking: Linux Server

Networking: Routers
Networking: Security and Intrusion Detection
Networking: Servers
Networking: Wireless
Rentals - Servers
Repairs - On-Site Computer (Break-Fix)
RTO - Rent To Own
Used Computer Sales

Source: Tech Army Organization Welcome CCNY Post

Founded in 1988, Computer Connection of Central New York (CCNY) is a system integrator and reseller of IT networking and security hardware. CCNY offers complete hardware and software support to our customers. CCNY's testing facility is designed for volume production that meets and exceeds industry standards. We have experienced engineers and technicians who are extensively trained on the installation, maintenance, and custom adaptation of all the hardware and software products sold. Source:

Congratulations on receiving the 2009 Best of Utica Award!

Anyone wishing to contact Ron directly in the Utica market can call 800-566-4786 x229, or call the Tech-Army toll free at 877-422-1907 to have Ccny, Inc help with your next project!

11206 Cosby Manor Road
Utica, Ny 13502

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