Saturday, October 23, 2010

Corporate Event Equipment Rentals

Corporate EventsTech-Army installers are professionals in the fields of computers, sound boards, kiosks, staging, audio video, plasma displays and so much more. They are also professionals in setup, especially with corporate events. Using a tech-army installer for your corporate event setup and installation could be one of the best decisions you could make involving your event.

Tech-Army members are also experts in planning and launching new corporate training programs, hosting conferences or corporate meetings or even helping you lead a short or long term special project. Whatever your need is, a Tech-Army member is here to help you with every corporate technology need you may have.

In order to have the very best corporate event possible, there are five simple steps you should follow. If you follow these steps, then you can ensure success for your next corporate event.

1. Evaluate your technological needs and wants based on company goals and budgets.

2. Plan hardware and personnel deployments.

3. Communicate the technology solution with your staff and vendors.

4. Schedule inside and outside staff, including AV/Computer Technicians and Engineers for hardware installation, ongoing service during the duration of the corporate project and hardware removal after the event.

5. Review Corporate Event Successes and Failures.

Follow these simple instructions and your corporate event will go off without a hitch. And remember to use a Tech-Army member for any and all of your corporate event needs.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

PC Network Service and Maintenance from the Tech-Army

Tech-ArmyWhen it comes to computers, many of us know the basics of how they work and a few basic steps on how to fix certain minute problems. But when it comes to significant network services and maintenance issues, many of us are just plain lost. Thankfully, there are services like the Tech-Army.

Today's businesses are often in dire need of network service, and they need it fast. A lot of companies with multiple computing locations are turning to the Tech-Army for all of their network services as well as their computer maintenance.

Individuals and companies turn to the Tech-Army every day for a multitude of different computer maintenance and network service requests that they simply cannot do either because they don't have the ability or they don't have the time. Those are two very critical things to have when dealing with large scale computer service.

The Tech-Army receives many service calls every day. Here are the three top network server technical help requests the Tech-Army receives each day.

Computer Engineer to Help with Your Existing Network
If you already have a computer network but are now experiencing technical difficulties that your current vendor is unable to handle, then a Computer Engineer from the Tech-Army is a perfect solution. Tech-Army can even do a remote checkup capable of finding and preventing problems with network services before they occur

Computer Engineer to Recommend and Install a New Computer Network
The Computer Engineers for the Tech-Army know a lot about the business and can recommend the perfect computer network for you. There are many services that go along with this, including Dell Small Business Server Install, HP Small Business Server Install, Network Problem Troubleshooting, Run Cable from Road Runner Connection to two Computers, Connect a Cisco Router to a Network, and Connect Netgear or Linksys Router to a Network and Wireless Networking Help.

Computer Network Rentals
The Tech-Army has a wide range of network devices that are available through the online Tech-Army E-Store. There is a whole slew of things that you can rent from the Tech-Army including things like Small Business Tower Servers, Medium Business Tower Servers, Dual Processor Tower Servers, Quad Processor Tower Servers, Single Processor Rack Mount Servers, Dual Processor Rack Mount Servers, Quad Processor Rack Mount Servers, Blade Servers and so much more!

The Tech-Army is your premiere network service and maintenance center. You can get everything you need with a single point of contact, making your process easy and pain-free. So, for your next PC Network Service and Maintenance visit the Tech-Army.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tech Travel Agents Employing Many Tech Army Members

A Tech Travel Agent© is a personal technology procurement agent, who works with hundreds of Tech Army Members nationwide and worldwide.

Wherever people travel, a Tech Travel Agent can assure that the technology you need will be installed and operating as planned with only 1 point of contact.

Delivery and Installation
A Tech Travel Agent© coordinates all delivery and installation personnel. Tech Travel Agents take care of the logistics of any temporary or permanent technology installation.

"With service to over 1000 cities worldwide and over 10,000 technicians at their disposal, people only need one Tech Travel Agent© for any technology requirement anywhere for any length of time."

Service During the Project
After ensuring an on-time delivery and setup, the job's not done. Your Tech Travel Agent© will be your single point of contact for any service need you need during the project. If there is an equipment failure or malfunction, your Tech Travel Agent will be your single point of contact to quickly manage a solution.

Tech Travel Agents are providing new work for Tech Army Members everyday. If you haven't joined the Tech Army, consider signing up today!

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